Ichijo Wall Panel Technology at Ten Trails 

Coming soon to Ten Trails are new duplexes and single family homes from award-winning builder, Ichijo! As one of the largest builders in Japan with more than 100,000 homes built so far, Ichijo has learned a thing or two about efficient building practices and resourcing quality materials. That is why they utilize pre-assembled wall panel technology in all of their new homes.

Ichijo Wall Panel Construction 

Some might say Ichijo’s advanced-technology wall panel construction is the future of home building! Rather than relying on on-site framing of the home walls, highly-skilled workers create the walls intact in their plant in the Philippines and ship them directly to new home communities like Ten Trails! The framing, windows, weather barriers, furring strips, rainscreens and insulation are all included with each delivered wall.

See it in Action 

You can see Ichijo’s unique wall panel framing in action on this neat video taken on-site at Ten Trails. New duplexes by Ichijo will be available in the upcoming months…Stay tuned for details on the model grand opening, home availability and pricing!